Friday, 4 April 2008

Washington DC

I have been in the nation's capital this week, living on Capitol Hill and working in the Folger Shakespeare Library, one of the finest working environments on the planet. And I have been running along the Mall. It's beautiful. It inspires me with poetry. I run a gentle 4-5k up to the Lincoln Memorial, and read the Gettysburg address, then cross the hall, passing Lincoln looking ever so lean, and read the second presidential address. Then I run back, around the reflecting pools, past the heart-stopping Vietnam memorial, the Washington monument, the Smithsonian, around the Capitol. An easy 10-12 k could not be more invigorating.

The only hitch is that I seem to have done something to my calf - it feels like minor tearing - and it hurts like hell, and the London marathon is next weekend. I can sense impending disaster. Perhaps taking the ten-miler too quickly (see pictures below - it does look like I'm making an effort) was imprudent.


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