Monday, 23 February 2009

Between Runs

I finished my book on Friday. I don't know exactly how long I've been working on it. Longer than I've been running. It's been hard to juggle finishing it, single-parenting, and running recently. Not to speak of the fact that I have a job. But somehow the book got finished, and, even though for the last few weeks I looked like a drug-crazed zombie, that's a good thing.

So on Saturday afternoon I went out for a run. I did about fourteen miles along the Cam in the bright and unexpected sunshine. And then on Sunday afternoon I went out for another run. I went along the Cam, through Fen Ditton, Stow-cum-Quy, Anglesey Abbey and Lode, then behind Commercial End, past some farmhouses, and then along an interminable stretch of the Swaffham Bulbeck Lode, with Prior Fen out to the right, until I hit the Cam again and headed West back home. For the middle ten or twelve miles I barely saw a soul. You can see here the snowdrop woods somewhere north of Quy, lining a public footpath the reason for the existence of which I can scarcely conjecture. When I got home I showered and went to a tango class, despite the blister. And today I look a lot less like a zombie.

Now, 34-35 miles over a weekend isn't too digraceful, and these are the first steps on the road to regained righteousness (Righteousness Regained ... has a ring, doesn't it?). But as you run by the snowdrop woods, you do wonder just how many miles you have ahead of you, and remember to remind yourself that some of those miles will be very good, and that others won't be. And speaking of bad miles, the Cambridge boundary run takes place next Sunday. Who could resist a full marathon following the man-made boundaries of the city of Cambridge, mostly off-road, without many markers, guided by a map? Look here for more information.

Finally I have received a number of emails about the Sunday Times list of the 100 best blogs. And all is true. You, gentle, regular readers, all 20 of you, have shown great discrimination.



  1. Congratulations--on the book and the blog citation! Er, 'his day job seems to be in finance'??

  2. "Posts great photos", was Feb 24th an off day? Still mightly impressed about The Times appearance. I may be inspired to start a blog myself, reflecting the everymans guide to my marathon attempt- "don trainers, look out of window, register cloud as "ominous", take trainers off, eat a biscuit". Number of miles proscrastinated about: 10-12, number of miles run: 0.

  3. Would be helpful if I left my name.