Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sponsored cycle ride

Cycling is not, alas, my true vocation. I would like to report that I had taken to the bike like a fish to water, but honesty would demand otherwise: more like a fish to a bicycle perhaps. A lantern fish, or a herring. It's not that I don't love the bike - I do - it's just that I'm not very good at it. Cycling is technical. The fact that I only learned to ride a few years ago (my mother never let me near a bicycle as a child ...) evidently doesn't help, but it's also emerging that whatever constitution I had that enabled me to run - reasonably well - does not transfer to the bike. I am slow. Don't ask me about my one time trial.

This is all by way of preface, seeking to capture your goodwill, before asking for your sponsorship. I have just signed up as part of the Cambridge and Coleridge team to do the London to Cambridge cycle ride on Sunday 25th July. Yes, that's not much notice (someone dropped out), but fortunately it's only 57 miles. Excepting the 10 miles that I have to cycle to the start, and the 10 miles I will have to cycle home afterwards.

The charities are important and valuable ones:
Talk to the Stars
Breakthrough in Breast Cancer
Charlotte Cox

I appreciate that many of  you were generous in your sponsorship some years ago when I ran the London Marathon for World Cancer Research Fund, so this time around I am adopting a different approach -- I would like sponsors to pledge just a modest amount, just £2 or £5 -- I am seeking to raise less, but would also like more sponsors to pledge. Because I am running for a team, and we are raising sponsorship for four charities, I don't have a donations webpage: just pledge as a comment below, and I will sort out collecting later ... thank you for your attention.



  1. Put me down for a fiver Joad - and good luck!

  2. Hi posting this on behalf of Carol who said she would pledge £20

  3. Thanks to others who pledged by different means ... including David and Dean ...